Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Lot Has Happened Since Last Time...

Holy crap has it been a while since I last posted! I just wanted to update on what's been happening so that when I post you won't be confused. Okay so, my mom and Cj are getting divorced, we renovated the upstairs at my nana's house and moved in (she lives next door and I used to hang out there a decent amount so there wasn't much change by moving there) and my mom started dating Derek, who she actually used to date when she was 14. Derek went to culinary school so his cooking is great, he's a tattoo artist, and works for my mom. We're also going to Walt Disney World over Halloween! I'm going to be the joker from batman because everything about batman stuff is my LIFE lol.

That's Derek lol ^^^

I went to see Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind in concert with my dad and 2 of my friends, Darya and Madi. I'm also going to see Say Anything for the second time with my dad in the beginning of July. Back in May my dad took me to Comic Con and got an autograph and photo with Ben Mckenzie who plays Jim Gordon on the new batman show Gotham! My dad also bought me 5 paintings from one of the little shops that was set up at Comic Con. It was a lot of fun! 
Lastly, I got a chromebook so that I can do school work and I do social media for my mom. I've also started to really love youtubers such as Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Onision, Laineybot, and My Digital Escape. Dan and Phil wrote a book and are going on tour but they live in the UK so I'm really hoping the come to the US so that my best friend Avery and I can go to the tour and meet them! (Avery is a HUGE fan of them lol) Avery and Madi actually got me to try video editing so now I make edits and post them on my vine. Here's a Dan and Phil vine I made: Here's a Two-Face from Batman vine I made: Here's a Dan and Phil vine Avery made:    p.s Avery and I both ship Phan (shipping is when you like the idea of two people being in a relationship. Phan is the ship name between Dan and Phil) >_<

Lastly, these guys are my amazing, talented, and beautiful best friends Avery, Darya, and Madi...




That's all for today! >_<

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Updates On My Life!!!!!!

Hey everybody!!!!!!! I know I haven't been posting but I honestly completely forgot about my blog......oops. Well a lot has happened since I last posted. First of all, I got an iPad!!!! I got it for my birthday this year and that's actually what I'm using to write this post. I am now in part of a group too!! (Don't worry it's not a bad group it's just me and some other friends) there's I think 9 of us? Let's see there's me, Darya, Avery, Abby, Alena, Jason, Noa, Andy and Darrian. I love hanging out with all of them!!! I already hung out with friends this summer too! I had a sleepover with Abby, Darya, and Abby's friend Alena who is now my friend too. We slept outside in a tent but then we heard thunder and lightning and part of the tent was metal so we didn't want take any chances so we went inside. We just hung out for a little bit and then we all eventually crashed. Then, I spent the day with Darya, my mom, and some of my moms friends one Saturday. When I went to Darya's house I was supposed to sleepover but around 12 I started to not feel good so I went home. :( when I was at Darya's house we walked to our friend Jason's house and hung out.....then we went back to Darya's house with Jason and decided to go swimming in Jason's pool. It was a lot of fun!!! Oh, one more thing I stopped playing guitar......... I'm young so I'm still trying to find something I like and obviously that wasn't it............ Well my summer has been great!!!!! In the comments let me know how you're summer has been!!!! Bye!!!!

P.s. brothers are still annoying buttfaces lol bye

Friday, August 16, 2013

2nd Sleepover!

Sorry I haven't been writing for so long, I've just been busy with my sleepover and seeing friends. The sleepover with Mayzi was AWESOME!!!!!! I had so much fun! We were up until 2:00-2:30 A.M.! The only bad part was since she has so many animals and so much yard area there were chores to do so we both had to do lots of chores. But I still had a great time. We pushed her two sofas together to sleep. We also went on a short walk through her yard. They raise bees and one of them was harassing me! We also played just dance around midnight! I had soooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Going to Mayzi's House!

On Tuesday I went to see my friend Mayzi. We have been friends since preschool! She has baby bunnies, older bunnies, a dog, a cat, a ferret, a bird, a chicken, and 2 horses! That's a lot of animals! She lives out in the country so she has a big yard. Also, she's home schooled so she's always home to help take care of all those animals. Next Tuesday I'm  going to her house again but I'm going to sleep over! I'm so excited! Also, we went in the pen she has for her baby bunnies and since my shoes are purple they thought my shoes were fruit and started chewing on my shoes! It was so cute and funny! That's all that's been going on right now.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Fun!

On Saturday my dad was working on the foyer because we put new tile in and now he's working on the edging. We have the tile going all the way to the steps so we can divide the rooms so we can have different carpet and walls so it's not the same thing everywhere. Saturday night we went miniature golfing at a place called Liberty, then we went to a miniature golf place called Sittler's for some of their delicious ice cream. On Sunday we went to my mommom's house so we could see the family again because we haven't seen each other in a while. My cousin Lauren is engaged now so congrats to her and a couple of weeks ago it was my cousin Jessica's birthday so happy late birthday to her! After that we went home and hung out until bedtime. That was my weekend! Here is a pic of the foyer!

Friday, July 26, 2013


Nothing special happened today unless going to my dad's house around 12:00 instead of 5:00 counts. I was just hanging out today. You know using my new touch screen phone, making a fort with my brothers. Then I went to my dad's house and had Burger King for lunch. I wasn't doing very much after lunch. Then we had KFC for dinner. Wow, two quick service meals in one day! I bet that's really healthy. LOL! Now I'm just hanging out and doing whatever. So, basically today was a normal day. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Normal Day

Today we didn't do anything special. All we did was go to the library to return our books. We had delicious pork made by CJ on the grill. We also had near frozen cauliflower and tasteless rice. Everything was messed up except for the pork. Tomorrow, CJ might take me to T-Mobile so I can upgrade my Blackberry to an android touch screen. Also, I'm going to have to pay off the upgrade for my phone if we do it. Which we probably will. The good news is I work for my mom so I can make $25 a month in order to pay off the upgrade.